Among my many friends who love romance, especially clean romance, I also have a group of dear friends who all share in my ‘blind’ world…because they are all blind as well. We belong to writers groups (Behind Our Eyes) and book clubs, too.

Now you’d think a whole group of blind people would only be interested in characters, plots, or stories about the blind. Although we do read ‘blind’ novels (as a lot of us belong to The National Federation of The Blind, NFB), we meet together for a variety of reasons. My best supporters, readers, and fans come from the NFB, and this group of people reads clean romance, historical fiction, and non-fiction. I have one particular friend who loves my books and anything else he can read that is Young Adult. He, as well as my other reading companions with the NFB, have recommended to me a group of books that are well written, feature fascinating characters and topics, and include blind settings, plots, and individuals.


All the Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr

This intricate and masterfully weaved story by Pulitzer Prize winning Doerr is a must read for every person who loves fiction, drama, war (WWII) and romance.





Thunder Dog by Michael Hingson

Read the amazing story of how a blind man escaped the Twin Towers in this book with a blind person employed on the upper floors of the North tower and his guide dog Roselle.





The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green

This is a heart wrenching, romance about love and life and fighting for both.






Blue Sun, Yellow Sky, by Jamie Jo Hoang

I reviewed this book for the author to give her feedback on whether or not her blind character was believable. This Romance is not a clean romance, but Hoang’s portrayal of her blind character was very accurate and the love story was excellent.





Pick up some of these books and keep reading and writing!

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You will also receive periodic updates from me, including announcements about new blogs and the launch of my book.

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