Where I’m from, the month of May represents dunes, dust bowls and dirty roads. The Long Hot summer hasn’t come yet, but the desert, with her echoing canyons and blood orange sunsets is a magical and mythological adventure just waiting over the next rise.

When I was a kid, I swore I lived in The Sahara Desert because it was so hot. The Mojave provides long nights, warm weather and Indian summers that last until Halloween. Only in the Northern Desert can you be on a beach vacation for six months.

The canyons and cliffs are gorgeous bathed in showers of sunlit rays. The trees turn a golden blonde beneath their verdant layer and the coyote’s come stroll past the porch at night.

In these circumstances, its often hard to remember that I still have to go to work and write a few more books in the cracks between playing in the river and soaking up a tan. Especially for me, The colors are a kaleidoscope I play in my mind as I feel only the heat and sun like a fire all around. Working, writing and dreaming up my stories grounds me in fantasy when the real world is a conflagration outside of my front door.

Icecream, snowcones and lemonade are carried as we bike through the desert early in the morning because it will be too hot by 10 am to venture outdoors where water isn’t present.

For people like me who dream, write and research in the air conditioning, I love the summers! They are lazy and last from dawn until long after midnight when its still 99 degrees.

How do you survive the Long Hot summer where you live? Do you waterski? Swim? Lay on the beach?

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Keep your eyes on tracimcauthor on facebook and the website for more information, stay cool and enjoy your summer!

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Subscribe to get a sneak peek of my new book, Soul of Stone.


You will also receive periodic updates from me, including announcements about new blogs and the launch of my book.

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