After a fantastic summer filled with swimming, vacations, mountain bike riding and sleeping in, my kids are going back to school next week.

This is a day full of tears, regret and longing…for the kids. There’s a bit of that, honestly from the mom’s point of view, but the minutia of entertaining their schedules and intermittent boredom coming along with hot holidays and with new opportunity as an ending. It’s music to my ears.

I’ve begun a new ghost writing project for a local businessman, work on Book 2 of the Ice and Stone Series and just in time, my Audio of ‘Soul of Stone’ goes on tour August 20th through 25th with Jess, The Audio Book worm. There have been extra reviewers who’ve signed up for the tour thanks to the fabulous response you, the book’s fans have had. We’re winding down our drawing to give copies, or a single copy to multiple people, away if reader’s of the blog keep flooding my in-box with requests to be entered in via If you’d like to join the party for the prizes the reviewers will be giving away from their individual sites, go check out and sign up for my mailing list with your favorite thing about Christmas (from my “Christmas in July” post) and join the fun! and can get copies in audio and written as well if you go to amazon. reviews keep coming in, of the audio, the digital and the paperback so whether you get one from me, the audiobookworm or amazon itself, don’t hesitate to leave a review, including helps, suggestions and/or complaints and  keep your eyes on the blog, the website and facebook,

Get in on the free gifts both here through the give away and from the audio tour and follow along on the 20th!

In the meantime, keep reading and writing!


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Download A Free Excerpt


Subscribe to get a sneak peek of my new book, Soul of Stone.


You will also receive periodic updates from me, including announcements about new blogs and the launch of my book.

Please Check Your Inbox for the Download Link