Behind Our Eyes

A Second Look


 “I recommend this book for anyone end everyone. The range of thoughts and experiences shared are genuine glimpses into a series of special worlds. The perspective within these moments will enhance your life.”

– UNKL Fan, Amazon Customer

About Behind Our Eyes

“Behind Our Eyes: A Second Look” is a literary anthology by writers with disabilities. The topics range from ridiculously absurd to tragically abusive, from cats and rabbits to guide dogs and even a guiding miniature horse, from medical fiascos to survival tactics, and through pangs of deprivation to heights of success. The vivid tapestry of life these writers weave with their stories, poems, and essays demonstrates what a diverse group of writers they are; yet this tapestry of creative writings showcases how similar they are to each other and to the world. This Behind Our Eyes organization’s anthology offers intriguing and insightful pieces from sixty-five blind writers.

This book was written by many talented authors. I enjoyed reading the short stories and poems. Good to hear their unique stories.

Theresa G. Pechacek

Behind Our Eyes: A Second Look is a remarkable read. I originally order this book because a family member is one of the writers. Now after reading Behind Our Eyes, I would recommend it to anyone wanting insight into the diverse world of a talented group of writers. Don’t buy it because it’s a book by those with disabilities. Buy because it is a wonderful, joyful

Susan Thorne

True stories of people who work hard to overcome their special needs.

Joel Wolf

The fact that the writers have disabilities pushes the writing to another level. It certainly did for me.

Amazon Customer

Was I ever surprised at how wonderful this book is! I gave three of the books to former English department colleagues this week. I think the material in this book will be of great interest to them when teaching American Literature courses and Writing Courses in the future. In addition, it will be fascinating reading for the professors. The quality of this book is excellent. The cover is beautiful and the range of subject matter is wide.

Lynda J. Lambert

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About Traci McDonald

Welcome to My World!

A dream is a fragile thing. It is a wisp of smoke that appears as real as flesh when you’re just a child. Mine began that way. A song, a story, poetry… Then I went blind. Yes, physically blind at the age of 23. Wouldn’t you know it, without ‘seeing’ reality, the smoke became what was real.

Today, my world is dreams, fantasy and fiction.  A much more beautiful place to live.  I’m the author of Killing Casanova, Burning Bridger, and the forthcoming Soul of Stone (April 2018), all in the non-explicit romantic suspense genre. My novels are about the healing true love brings to any life shattered by trauma if you believe in the power of Love! I live in a cozy town north of Las Vegas NV with the loves of my life, my  husband and three sons. Finding peace and joy with my boys inspires, drives and comforts me, making it possible to live the dream.

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You will also receive periodic updates from me, including announcements about new blogs and the launch of my book.

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