Burning Bridger

Scandal in the Sea Caves


“A story for romantics of all ages.

Highly recommended!”

– Stephanie C.

A clean and captivating romance novel from beginning to end. The writing is excellent and thrills are on every page. I would recommend to everyone.

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The Island of Maui seems like the perfect paradise to retreat to when Latina beauty, Lily Pinion needs to smother the memories of being raped outside a bar and witnessing the tragic death of her best friend.

Former Army Ranger, and night-club bouncer, Bridger Jacoby is persuaded by his best friend to keep an eye out for Lily’s arrival. Scarred by his time serving in the Persian Gulf, Bridger has no desire to get involved with a selfish woman in need of help. However, his deep loyalty to his friend sends him grudgingly into Lahaina’s tourist culture in search of Lily.

Their paths inadvertently cross one night in a bar when Bridger disarms a man obsessed by Lily’s body. Too drunk to remember the attack, Lily’s mistrust of men drives her away from Bridger’s warnings about the man from the bar.

Bridger’s bloody service in Iraq erupts their volatile relationship into a smoldering passion neither can fight. Before they can be burned by their own flames, Lily must face her past, her murderous stalker and her own heart to save Bridger.

Burning Bridger kept me entirely in suspense. Just when I thought I had it all figured out the twist appeared. Great book!

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About Traci McDonald

Welcome to My World!

A dream is a fragile thing. It is a wisp of smoke that appears as real as flesh when you’re just a child. Mine began that way. A song, a story, poetry… Then I went blind. Yes, physically blind at the age of 23. Wouldn’t you know it, without ‘seeing’ reality, the smoke became what was real.

Today, my world is dreams, fantasy and fiction.  A much more beautiful place to live.  I’m the author of Killing Casanova, Burning Bridger, and the forthcoming Soul of Stone (April 2018), all in the non-explicit romantic suspense genre. My novels are about the healing true love brings to any life shattered by trauma if you believe in the power of Love! I live in a cozy town north of Las Vegas NV with the loves of my life, my  husband and three sons. Finding peace and joy with my boys inspires, drives and comforts me, making it possible to live the dream.

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You will also receive periodic updates from me, including announcements about new blogs and the launch of my book.

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