Killing Casanova


“This is a story about loving what you can’t see.” – Alyssa Cunningham

“Absolutely delightful book.” – C.R. Asay

I read Killing Casanova in less than a week and loved it. Ms. McDonald did a fabulous job keeping you hooked. As the plot unfolded, she did a great job making the scenarios realistic while keeping the romance clean. I enjoyed the book and would let my teenage daughter read it as well.

J.S. Jaeger


Jake Caswell, the most infamous character in the one-horse town of Lindley, Nevada, divides his time between his Hollywood career and his father’s 180 acre ranch, Caswell Farms. Semi-modern life buzzes around the rough shod community near the base of the Sierra-Nevada Mountains, in the northwestern corner of the Mojave Desert.

Jake’s goodtime cowboy reputation and remarkable good looks have earned him the nickname “Casanova” with most of the women who call Lindley home.

Cassie Taylor, a new counselor at the Equine Therapy Ranch six miles from Caswell Farms, wants nothing to do with him. Her blindness coupled with complete dismissal of his attempts at charm and bravado, only anger her despite Jake’s determination to add her to Casanova’s list of conquests.

When Jake is nearly killed and she inadvertently hears who the killer is, she risks her job, her life and especially her growing love for the confused man she can see beneath his protective mask. Before either of them fall victim to their haunted pasts, they must first risk their hearts and lives to find out why love is blind.

Traci McDonald’s debut novel, Killing Casanova, is a healthy mix of horses, cowboys and the visually impaired. Doesn’t sound like it would go together, but she manages to stir it up into a niftily concocted novel that holds a bit of suspense, a bit of romance, and a life lesson all tied up into a cleverly plotted story line. It’s a fun read.

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About Traci McDonald

Welcome to My World!

A dream is a fragile thing. It is a wisp of smoke that appears as real as flesh when you’re just a child. Mine began that way. A song, a story, poetry… Then I went blind. Yes, physically blind at the age of 23. Wouldn’t you know it, without ‘seeing’ reality, the smoke became what was real.

Today, my world is dreams, fantasy and fiction.  A much more beautiful place to live.  I’m the author of Killing Casanova, Burning Bridger, and the forthcoming Soul of Stone (April 2018), all in the non-explicit romantic suspense genre. My novels are about the healing true love brings to any life shattered by trauma if you believe in the power of Love! I live in a cozy town north of Las Vegas NV with the loves of my life, my  husband and three sons. Finding peace and joy with my boys inspires, drives and comforts me, making it possible to live the dream.

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You will also receive periodic updates from me, including announcements about new blogs and the launch of my book.

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